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Check-in & Check-out Information


Every effort is made to have your vacation home ready for check-in at 4pm. If your home is cleaned and ready for occupancy before this time, the lease holder will be notified via email. Other members of the leaseholder's party can sign up for this early notification service here.


Two Types of Entry Codes

Lease Entry Code:This code activates at 4pm on check-in day and de-activates at 10am on check-out day.

Early Release Code: This code is provided to guests in the event that the home is ready to occupy before 4pm.  It works on a temporary basis to allow early entry and will deactivate at 4pm on the day of check-in.  At that time the lease entry code must be used for home access throughout the balance of your vacation.

How You Receive Entry Codes

Lease Paid in Full:  If your balance is paid in full, you will receive a lease entry code via email in advance of your scheduled check-in day.

Lease Balance Due:  Outstanding balances must be paid before you are eligible to receive a keyless entry code. Those with balances due on check-in day must contact our office immediately to make payment.

On the day of check-in, lease holders will receive an email when your vacation home is ready for check-in. Other party members may sign up for this service here.

You will find the following information on the kitchen counter of your vacation home. It contains:

-Important guidelines and policies,
-Area trash schedules,
-Subdivision information (if applicable),
-Parking passes (if applicable),
-Rebooking forms if you intend to reserve this home next year


Check-out Information:

Check-out time is 10am and your lease entry code will expire at that time.

If you're interested in rebooking for the upcoming year, please call or drop by our office to make arrangements or complete and return the rebooking forms found in the home.  The deadline for rebooking is noon on the Monday following your departure.


How to Operate the Keyless Entry Lock:

Your vacation home is equipped with keyless entry, which may look like one of the following:









1. Touch the keypad portion of the lock with the back of your hand to illuminate the keypad.

2. Enter your code followed by the (*) asterisk key.

3. When the code is accepted the locking mechanism will activate and the lock will open.


To lock simply touch the keypad with the back of your hand causing the locking mechanism to activate and the lock will then close.

Should you have any problems with lock operation:

1. Please retry the procedure.

2. Double check the code you entered with the code provided.

If problem persists, please call 800-368-3825.