Outer Banks Cycling – Ride Safely, Arrive Intact

True Confession: My idea of a perfect way to start the day is a 15 to 20 mile ride through the more hidden places on the Outer Banks. Because I’m on my bike a fair amount, I get to see … Continue reading

Outer Banks Seafood Markets

A great aspect of Outer Banks life for visitors and residents is walking into most any restaurant, ordering a seafood platter and getting fresh local seafood that is quite good. Due to our location, it just makes sense. The town … Continue reading

Top 10 Beach Tips

We often talk about the award-winning beaches of the Outer Banks, how they differ from Corolla to Nags Head, and why some may be better for families and others great for a remote and private experience. But in all we’ve … Continue reading

Corolla Wild Horses – Managing the Herd (Part 2)

For almost 500 years, the Spanish mustangs of Corolla have moved freely along the northern Outer Banks. A direct genetic link to the history of our nation, they are absolute proof that the Spanish were exploring the coast of North … Continue reading

The Wild Horses of Corolla (Part 1)

Beautiful, majestic, unforgettable-the Corolla wild horses are an extraordinary part of the Outer Banks experience. Yet, although they run free, there is considerable work that goes into keeping the herd healthy and vibrant. That became very clear this year when … Continue reading